Tom Offringa

I am a front end developer at Devhouse Spindle. I like to read books, lift weights, watch birds, and write code. Together with Roel, I make music on old computers from the 80’s under the name xyce.

Besides my work at Spindle, I occasionally do WordPress projects, where I work together with designers to make secure, user-friendly, responsive, and fast websites for happy clients. You can shoot me an e-mail if you want to work together.

An ambition of mine for this year was to actively contribute to our knowledge sharing culture in Groningen. This ambition shaped into working together with a couple of people from the Refresh Meetup and Spindle to set up a kick-ass design and front end conference on October the 26th, called theĀ Refresh Conference.

You can read a bit more of my thoughts by following me on Twitter.